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Tue Feb 16 @19:00
Club Meeting
Tue Mar 01 @19:00
Club Meeting
Tue Mar 15 @19:00
Club Meeting
Tue Apr 05 @19:00
Club Meeting
Tue Apr 19 @19:00
Club Meeting
Tue May 03 @19:00
Club Meeting
Tue May 17 @19:00
Club Meeting

2015 Sockeye Run

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I'll say it again.
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Because YOU could make the difference in somebody's life. Somebody . . . who lives in your community, somebody . . . who lives just down the street from you, somebody . . . who needs help but has slipped between the cracks of life.

It doesn't at a big commitment. Just a couple hours a week (heck it's not a career!).

Maybe you're already making a difference - on your own. Imagine if you could multiply your efforts by the size of this club.

Join us.
Make a difference.

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