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Previous Sockeye Runs

Take the time to enjoy some photos and reminisce with previous Sockeye Runs:

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2018 Sockeye Run



2018 Marks the 28th year of the Richmond Lions Sockeye Run. With hundreds of cars, free entertainment, a variety of vendors, and yearly crowd pleasers this event is a yearly favourite.


2018 Competition Classses

Registrants can select between these classes:

#1 - Best Chevrolet - 1971 & newer
#2 - Best Chevrolet - 1970 & older
Best Chevrolet was our most popular class so we split it into two groups. Any regular Chev can enter these classes but if it's a high performance please consider the Muscle Car classes. Chevy trucks and vans must enter the BEST TRUCK class.
#19 - Best Asian
Usually import cars such as Honda, Toyota, etc., and can be restored or modified.
#3 - Best GM
The GM Class is for Buick, Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Pontiac cars. It does include the discontinued brands as the majority of the cars that enter car shows are from previous decades.
#20 - Best European Car - 1981 & newer
#21 - Best European Car - 1980 & older
for vehicles originating in Europe, including brands from Germany, France, Italy, etc.
British cars now have separate classes, #25 & #26
#4 - Best Corvette - Stock
#5 - Best Corvette - Modified
We usually have numerous Corvettes and now we've split this into two classe too.
#22 - Best Unfinished
This class includes both cars and trucks. Generally, they lack a finished paint job, incomplete interior, or incomplete running gear
#6 - Best Ford
For all Fords, including discontinued makes and models, like Mercury, etc. Exceptions are: Mustangs and Thunderbirds, which have their own classes. Trucks and Vans have their own class.
#23 - Best Muscle Car 1971 & newer
#24 - Best Muscle Car 1970 & older

The Muscle Car era speaks for itself. The cars span all makes and models. This popular class has been split for many years.
#7 - Best Mustang - 1994 & newer
#8 - Best Mustang - 1993 & older
Mustangs have their own class and include all years and body styles. New for 2018 is the split into two judging classes.
#25 - Best British Vehicle - 1976 & newer
#26 - Best British Vehicle - 1975 & older
Two classes including Austins, Triumphs, Rolls Royces, early Mini’s, etc.
#9 - Best Thunderbird
Thunderbirds have been very popular at this show in previous years. This class includes all years and body styles.
#27 - Best Lowrider
This Lowrider class is for those cars that are radically lowered and/or with altered hydraulic or airbag suspension.
#10 - Best MOPAR
Including all Chryslers, Dodges, and discontinued makes and models, like Plymouth and PT Cruisers, etc. This class includes all years and body styles. Trucks and vans have their own class. 
#28 - Best Pro Street
The Pro Street class is for heavily modified cars that are big on performance. They may or may not have super-charged engines, roll-bars, wide-slicked tires, or other high performance features.
#11 - Best North American/Other
This North American class includes all of the North American Cars. It includes AMC, Studebaker, Willys, Kaiser and other discontinued brands produced in North America.
#29 - Best Custom
The Custom class is for cars altered for style and appearance. They could be full customs with chopping, frenched head or tail lights, shaved chrome trim, etc., or mild customs with modifications such as custom wheels, lowering, custom paint, etc.
#12 - Best Truck
For pickups and vans of all brands. Older pickups that are modified are best suited for the Hot Rod class.
#30- Dare to be Different
A composite of classes such as Art cars, Movie cars, novelty cars or unusual entries that may not fit into other classes.
#13 - Best Commercial Vehicle
Commercial Vehicles are usually everyday working entries such as tow-trucks, buses etc. It's not fair to have these trucks, that are in almost daily use, compete with trucks that only come out of a garage a few times per year.
#31 - Best Antique
Antique and Vintage class is for cars of the 20's, 30's, and 40's. Some are original unrestored and others are restored.
#14 - Best Motorcycle
All motorcycles are in this one class whether custom, vintage or racing entries.
#32- Best Military
For vehicles with a military heritage. They may be original or with some modifications. Includes Jeeps, trucks, etc.
#15 - Best Street Rod - open
Includes cars with no metal or fiberglass roofs, like Roadsters, Touring and Roadster Pickups. Street Rods have fenders.
#33- Best Bicycle
A new class last year for custom or altered bicycles.
#16 - Best Street Rod - closed
Closed Street Rods are cars with fenders and metal or fiberglass roofs like Coupes, Sedans and Pickups with fenders.
#34 - Best Pedal Car
This class is for smaller versions of a full size car.
#17 - Best Hot Rod - open
Open Hot Rods are 1932 & Older, with no fenders and no metal or fiberglass roofs, as per Roadsters, Touring and Roadster Pickups.
#35 - Display Only
Car owners that choose this class should understand that these entries will not be judged. Your choice, or if you are a late arrival after 10:30 am.
#18 - Best Hot Rod - closed
Closed Hot Rods are 1932 & Older, with no fenders and with metal or fiberglass roofs, like Coupes, Sedans and Pickups.

In addition to the registered vehicle classes. All vehicles are entered in:

Best Interior
Best Paint
Best Use of Chrome
Most Outstanding Wheels
Best Exhaust Sound
Oldest Vehicle
Most Distance Traveled
Ladies Choice
Most Vehicles Entered
Best Club Participation
Peoples Choice
Best of Show


T-shirts will ba available again this year. Check back to see the new design for 2018.