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The Richmond Lions Club, located in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia in Canada, has been a charter club of Lions Clubs International since 1946.

The Lions motto is "We Serve", and our club has been serving many deserving causes in the Richmond community since our charter was established.

For more than sixty years our club has been active and supported our community. Now we have found ourselves to be victim of changes to society and recent events. As of June of 2022 the Richmond Lions club is no longer an active club. This webpage will remain active for a while so people can access any photos of our Sockeye Run event.

To raise money for the various causes we support the Richmond Lions club has several fundraisers that we participate in throughout the year. Here are three of our recent money raising outings.

Each year the Richmond Lions club embarks on an number of fund raising projects - but where does the money we raise go?

The money raised by our club goes right back into the community. Every cent we raise at our events is returned to those who can use a little assistance, and unlike some organizations, this means every penny!

Here are some of our most recent recipients.