The Richmond Lions Club was delighted to hear that Chris Carlson is bringing his electric hot rod to the Sockeye Run Car Show. The 1937 Chev Coupe is powered by recycled lap top batteries. The car has six regular automotive batteries and they provide the electrical power for the lights, radio, etc. It is the lap top batteries that power the car and they are in the frame. Its range is about 160 km, which is similar to a Tesla, or other electric cars. This is the first hot rod with an electric motor that is known in B.C.IMG 20170602 075906778s

The car will be brought to Richmond by a very unique car hauler. The truck is a 2005 GMC truck chassis, with a Duramax diesel engine and an Allison automatic transmission. What makes the truck unique is that it has an older 1969 Dodge truck body added to the front. It also has clear windows built into the sides of the truck, so you can see whatever car is being transported inside.

The car and truck are registered to travel from their home in the Kootneys to Newfoundland with 149 other classic cars in a special cruise across Canada to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

A special feature of the Sockeye Run is “Electric Ave.” an entire row of new electric vehicles will be on display for the second year. Ten experts will be on hand to answer questions the public may have on this type of new transportation. The Electro Rod is the only older car that will be on Electric Ave.

An average of 300 special cars come out each year to Steveston. The Sockeye Run Car Show takes place Sunday, June 11th, the admission is free, the show runs from 10 am to 4 pm at Steveston Park on Moncton St. at #1 Road.