Pre-registration is available now for the 3rd year. Car owners can save 50% off the registration fee. 1/3 of the entries pre-registered last year and this saved these car owners time when they got to the park. Plus the window show card was already printed and waiting for them to arrive. Pre-registered cars will now have 5 bonuses available to them:
1) save 33% of the registration fee
2) they are guaranteed a dash plaque
3) they save time driving in with our new express lane for pre-registration entries
4) first 100 car owners to register will receive a free digital photo sent to them
5) All pre-registered entries will receive a full colour show card when they arrive.


Car registrations are starting to pour in. We have some outstanding cars for the public to see..... Harry Robertson was a former Sockeye Run Chairperson for the fourth and fifth annual show. He has retired to Vernon, but he wants to come back to Richmond and see his buddies and bring one of his fabulous ’57 Mercury Turnpike Cruisers to the show. He has owned 50 Mercs and constantly upgrades and sells cars and parts to other collectors. He has two cars left, at present, and is bringing the green one with the continental kit to the Sockeye Run. A complete story of Harry and his mercs can be found elsewhere in the News Section of our web site.....Who has built the first electric Hot Rod? Hard to say, but we have perhaps the oldest coming to the Sockeye Run. It is a ’37 Chevy Coupe powered by 3200 batteries. Chris Carlson is the owner and builder. Chris has a shop in the Slocan Valley and builds cars for customers and some for himself. He has a custom built truck as a hauler for his toys. The truck has transparent sides so you can see the vehicle inside. It doubles as a camper when he takes his race car to drag races. The truck is a showpiece of his ingenuity and craftsmanship. It has a ’69 Dodge front end and a GMC 3500 truck chassis...... Lucky Gandham of Richmond is entering two of his Chevy Impalas. The ’59 is painted black and the ’63 is blue. Both cars are lowered with the latest in air bag suspention. EYE KANDY in Ladner just completed custom touches, and both cars will be eye candy for car enthusiasts and the public to look at.

In addition to the cars, music is a big part of the Sockeye Run. Rainshadow is the host band. Robert, Sandy, Gary and Ken have been working on some new “old” material to change it up a bit for this year. New songs include: Sweet Little Sixteen...Little GTO... Fun Fun Fun....Road House Blues...All Right Now...Fortunate One. They also try to introduce new singers and give them a start appearing on a stage and a large crowd. Steven Scaccia, Jessica and Rob Fillo are some of the young people that have been at the Mic these past few years. Rainshadow also supplies the music for the Annual Air Guitar contest for kids. Kids and their families can practice to tunes such as:...Twist & Shout by The Beatles....Born to be Wild by Miss Piggy and Ozzy Osbourne version.

This is always a popular feature when young boys and girls perform their routines, to Rock & Roll music. Long & McQuade Music is providing a guitar to the winner. Parents can be up close for those marvelous photo opportunities. Parents can register their children on the day of the show at the park.

The Richmond Lions Club have two members who are excellent photographers. Hugh Mooney and Bob Everson take hundreds of photos each. Their subjects are the wonderful cars, award winners, music and all the activities. Scroll through the past years on this web site to see what each year had to offer – www.sockeyerun.com.

We have our own exclusive four lane race track. Kids are welcome to bring their own cars or use ours. There is no charge to enter and they can win more new Hot Wheels cars as prizes. We are receiving prizes from White Spot, Ackroyd & #3 Rd., in Richmond as extra prizes for some races.
During the past few years we have given away over 1,000 Hot Wheels cars. The track operates from 11 am to 2:30 pm or until all cars are gone. Did we mention the races are FREE?

The various class winners and special award winners are posted on the web page for last year’s 26th Annual Car Show.
In 2016, twenty knowledgeable judges from the automotive industry and motorsport hobby spent many hours inspecting the entries. Whether classes are large or small, the craftsmanship and detail in each class is carefully examined to determine the winners. A workshop and clinic was held at the end of April for this year’s judges.

A model building workshop and contest is available for boys and girls age 5 – 15 years. This is the sixth workshop hosted by the Richmond Lions Club at their car show in Steveston. These workshops have been held in various cities and 53 have been held in the past 14 years. Registration is by the Steveston Community Center. Their phone number is: 604-280-8080, and the registration code is 1,674,400. There is no fee to enter, but the children must have an adult with them at the workshop. Thirty seven kids are already registered.

The Richmond Photo Club was involved with the car show last year for the first time. 100 car owners that pre-registered were offered a free digital photo of their entry. Ten members of the photo club were present to take these photographs. The club also chose one entry for a new special award called “Most Photogenic Entry”. The winner was a blue 2016 Lamborghini.
The photo club will be involved this year as well with the first 100 pre-registered entries receiving free digital photos. Watch the web site for further information.

Two drag boats were brought to the 2016 Sockeye Run for the first time. They were “Miss British Columbia” and “The Animal” and both were owned by Mo Davidson of Surrrey, BC. Miss BC had just been restored after a 25 year search for the hull and the boat was very popular with the public. The boat was found in Christmas Valley, Oregon. Mo is pleased with the response and is restoring another project to bring to this year’s show, a Double A Fuel Dragster. Mo purchased the Pete Kaiser dragster, from California, several years ago. He has freshened the equipment and made restorations, and will bring it to the Sockeye Run to debut the finished product.
The 2017 advertising campaign has already begun with ads appearing in Muscle Car Plus Magazine, which is distributed in Western Canada and Steveston Insider Magazine, which is distributed in Richmond. Richmond News is returning to promote the show during the first few weeks of June. Ads will run in the paper on Wednesday June 7th and Friday June 9th.

The official souvenir t-shirt art is complete. Automotive artist, Andrew Kerr, was commissioned to do the art work. T-shirts can be ordered in advance if you want to make sure one is reserved for you, in your size, when you arrive at the park. The art work will be posted on our web site.

have been circulated for months. The two cars featured on the poster are; Glenn’s 1973 outstanding, orange Baracuda and Terry’s flat black 1927 Ford Sedan Hot Rod. The Baracuda is described in the Best of Show paragraph. Terry’s Model T is a Hot Rod not a Rat Rod. It is chopped and channeled and has a modern Ford V8 engine. One of the details on Terry’s car is the unusual headlights. They are Woodlite products, manufactured in the ‘20’s and ‘30’s for luxury cars. A company in El Paso, Texas, manufactures these castings. Terry has spent 50 hours smoothing the castings and adding projector headlights and LED lights for signals. Other unique features always draws crowds to look at this car.

Last year’s winner will be returning for display. The GRAND CHAMPION was Glenn Biddle, and his 1973 Baracuda. The car was well deserving of the win as it had 6,000 hours of modifications done to it. It has a newer 2008 426 Generation 3 Hemi engine, custom components added to an Art Morrison custom chassis underneath. It has custom made 24” X 15” wheels in the back and 20” X 8.5” wheels in the front.

A big hit for the car show during the past two years has been a live charity auction. The show is a fund raising event that benefits many charities. A professional auctioneer supplied by Adesa Auctions will conduct the lively bidding. Adesa is bringing a Shelby Cobra to the show which will be auctioned off at the big Super Car and Luxury Car Show and auction later in September. We have just received photos and posted them onto our web site.

The Richmond Lions Club have supported the Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneers Society for several years. This year the Pioneer club is setting up a booth at the Sockeye Run to promote their 17th Annual ceremony on September 23rd. They are bringing several fresh, outstanding cars with them to display. This year’s selection of inductees was made June 1st, information is at their booth at the show.

Last year we introduced a brand new feature to car shows, and that was the inaugural Electric Vehicle Showcase. We have the same people back again as they are the experts in this new technology. Ten dealers will be there with their products. Some new features will be there as well, such as solar powered toy cars for the kids to operate, the wooden track is brand new and was donated by the City of Richmond.

They are a new sponsor this year. Caterina Restaurant’s now own two locations in Richmond. The one on Russ Baker Way, on Sea Island, has a weekly Thursday night car show gathering from late spring to early fall, weather permitting. Their second location on #3 Road near Granville, is iconic as it is the very first McDonalds restaurant in all of Canada. It opened 50 years ago and is being renovated, at present, and will re open in June.

We have the White Spot truck with their tasty “On The Go” food. They have been a part of our show for the past four years. One of Richmond’s White Spot Restaurants, at the South East corner of Ackroyd and #3 Road, has confirmed their participation as a major sponsor. Legendary White Spot burger coupons and Pirate Pack coupons will be distributed. ........Those who like “mini doughnuts” will find Gordo’s Concessions who make these tasty treats, cold drink treats also.