Four Month Update

Pre Registration is now open. Car owners have already started to register for 2019. Revisions have been made to make the electronic process smoother. This is our fifth year of pre-registration. In our first year, 20% of car owners pre-registered. In 2016 it was 30%. In 2017 it was 40%. Last year over 60% of car owners did pre-register.

The next update will list all the advantages you will benefit by when you pre-register. The classes of competition have changed only slightly for 2019. Take a look at the list of classes on the web site before you pre-register, and pick just one. There is a description of every class to help you with your selection.

You may have noticed some upgrades to the web site. There is a count-down clock to remind everyone how much time we all have before the big day.
If you look at the list of the past ten years at the top of the opening page, you can re-visit all the photos and information for each of those years. The list of award and trophy winners are posted for the past three years only.

The list of folders now appears on the opening page, so you can click directly on the one you wish. If you have not been to this show previously, there is also a map of both the area and the park layout itself. The NEWS FOLDER has all the updates as we proceed with the show.

We are pleased with the team of judges that come out to judge this show. Nine people attended our workshop in January. The ideas and decisions by this group will benefit both the car owners and the other judges that attend this car show.